17th Street Discount Pharmacy - Case Study

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17th Street Discount Pharmacy “Best of The Best” Ad Campaign

We were approached by 17th Discount Pharmacy to construct an ad campaign to help increase their chances of winning the Ocala Star Banner’s “Best of The Best” an award given to the best company in their industry in Ocala/ Marion County, FL. We provided them with a video demonstrating to their audience why they have won the Best Pharmacy in Ocala the prior 3 years. 

Inside that video we capture the facility, customer interaction, owner’s background story, and explanation of why the viewer should vote 17 Street Discount Pharmacy the best pharmacy in Ocala, FL. 

This particular Facebook ad campaign garnered over 5.7 thousand views, 15 comments, and 37 likes in less the 23 days.

17th Street Discount Pharmacy - Best of The Best - Campaign