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Currently, the presence on the Internet has become a key element that every company must consider, especially if it wants to achieve its objectives in today’s market, which has become increasingly complex, competitive, and global. With Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we refer to SEO techniques or strategies that help optimize the search engine positioning of a website.

The environment is the first market every business must conquer, but you must make yourself known. Also, if you want to achieve higher conversions, you must improve your search engine positioning within your own area.

These strategies are focused based on the geographic area and local information of the area where the business is located. attract organic traffic and customers to a certain local business through the positioning of your website in different search engines.

More than 75% of local searches end in conversions. It’s almost a rule that when users do a local search, they’re ready to find a nearby business that suits their needs and convert almost immediately.

However, if you do not have a proper local search engine optimization (SEO) plan, you will not be able to achieve the local web positioning that is so valuable to your business.

Seo ocala

Keys to improving the local SEO of our business

Have your information in your account

For Google to take your local business into account, you must take these three things into account:

Have a company name

Have a physical address (a postal or shared address does not work)

A phone that includes the local area code is required

If the contact details appear on different pages within your website, they must always be the same.

You must also use the same NAP when registering in any local directory. You must verify that your business has the same name, address, and telephone number in the central-local guides.

Include the name of your city

In the title: This is one of the most important places to include information about the city or province in which you operate. Your company could appear in the local ranking just for this.

Meta description tags: Include information about your city or state to increase click-through rates for local search results.

URL: Create a page on your website that includes information about your area in its URL.

Content: The content of your website must include your city to position correctly.

Optimize the Google My Business

Google My Business has become the new platform for managing local businesses, fully integrating Google Places and the Google Plus company page.

This new tool can be accessed from both accounts. Its integration is complete; there is no longer a difference between Google Places and Google Plus.

If you are already registered in either of the two, the new Google My Business platform will appear instantly when you log in.

If you still need to register, it is time to do so! It is essential to fill the category section correctly and include a minimum of three. Remember to fill in all the requested information and upload an attractive cover and profile image.

This platform will allow you to share photos of your business, modify the company’s information, and even see other users’ opinions about you. If your business has several locations, you must create an account for each.

Work the reviews

Reviews are an essential part of web positioning in Local search engines. If we want to be among the top positions, one of the factors that the Google algorithm values the most is reviews with a good rating (four or five stars).

It is essential to have a lot of comments to increase the conversation rate of views in customers. Google shows reviews that appear within the list of “pins,” users will be able to read your reviews before seeing any other information about your company.

Include a map on your website

Include a Google Map on your website where your pin appears, including your Google+ company page (local).

Register your business in local directories.

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