Stop selling and Prescribe (Selling Secrets)

No matter what product or service your selling to consumers you need to become like a Doctor who diagnoses a patients current health situation. After identifying their current issues similar to a Pharmacist in the way you prescribe your prospective clients with the necessary product or service offering that would help take them from their current situation to their desired situation.

A doctor does not prescribe what he wants the client to take but the prescription that would resolve the clients issues the best. When you prescribe your client with the right product or service and their current situation improves, you help them move towards their desired situation it increases the chance they will continue to do business with you if another need arises.

The length and the quantity at which a product or service is prescribed all depends on how often the client needs arise. The shift from a salesman to a prescriber will provide you confident to close more business. Also, facilitate the mental shift from a salesman to a closer.

When a doctor prescribes a client with medication their is not much push back on pricing. A client has the option to pay for the prescribed medication, seek out generic alternatives, or try to make due without.

When a client pays for the actual product they receive the proper medication needed to solve their problem. This option has a higher chance for success because it is well put together trialed, tested, and proven to produce results.

When a client pursues generic alternatives these products or services may or may not solve the clients issue and if it does it may not to the degree the recommended prescription.

More times then not many business owners adopt the last option when it come to digital marketing which is trying to make due without. This option can be the most dangerous and possess the most consequences. This is because just like a patient who has a condition when a patient does not take action on a preexisting condition it can lead to their condition becoming worst.

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