The Power of marketing automation

When we talk about marketing automation, we mean using digital tools to perform various tasks, including sending emails, lead generation, reminders, calls, billing, and much more. It consists of using software and technology to perform marketing tasks automatically. This results in greater personalization of each campaign’s message and user experience. In addition, it saves the time …

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email marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a strategy that can be used for different purposes and has many benefits, from increasing your customers’ engagement to increasing conversions. It is a method that helps your services or products to be flexible, fast, and profitable to reach new customers and retain existing ones by encouraging repeat visits to the website. …

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social mediA

Social Media Marketing

Social media are a very valuable tool to generate more sales and interaction between the business and its customers. Currently, the information is very easy to share and lasts longer than with the old communication methods, all this makes digital marketing more what an option, a business necessity. Marketing in social media should be an …

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