Understanding the power of the web

The landscape of communication has revolutionized over the last couple decades changing the way in which content is delivered. Old fashion forms of advertising can still be effective but may not yield the results within the timeframe in which you desire. The modern-day form of the internet was born in 1990, when computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. It is currently 2019, individuals who were born in the 80s or the 90s grew up with the internet. They were immersed through its infancy, adolescent, teenage years, and now adulthood. If you older it does not mean you have missed the wave but, it does mean you have to adapt to keep up with the young whipper snappers. The internet gives normal people the ability to reach a massive amount of people. We were once bound by word-of-mouth, newspaper, radio, and television but, no more. The internet has provided us with billions of possibilities at the end of our fingertips. The world wide web can be used to call people to act and raise awareness. The rise of social media has forever changed the way people market.

In this day in age a picture of an egg can break world records for likes and engagement on social media because of the power of the web. The power of suggestion and simplicity at its finest can create seemingly overnight successes.

It is unbelievably real that simple gestures, pictures, videos, and words can go viral and spread like wild fire. The market gives you live feedback letting you know what works and what doesn’t. By sharing your content on your platform whether it is in the form of words, video, picture, or audio when your message resonates with people, social media takes word of mouth to the next level. On social media instead of your town only talking about a particular topic, business, event, or service social media becomes word of mouth on steroids. Online when you share content on social media each time it reaches someone, and they share your content it raises awareness on a larger scale. If you have the ability to reach a hundred people and each of those people have the ability to reach a hundred people, it drastically increases the number of people that view your content. It also cuts down the necessity of a person physically having to be somewhere to deliver a message providing people with another outlet to express themselves.

Online Marketing is extremely powerful and will continue to evolve. It is understandable as a business owner with little or no experience with social media to be skeptical about implementing an online marketing strategy but as forward-thinking businessmen and woman it is important to utilize all the tool at your disposal.

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