Why are Facebook ads so effective?

Facebook is unquestionably the largest social network in the world. Millions of users use it every day to communicate with other people, shop, or just have fun. It has an ad system called Facebook Ads that, thanks to having a relatively large audience, makes the ads effective.

Facebook Ads have grown exponentially in recent years, which is why it is positioned as one of the best ways to advertise your brand or business. The ads generated through Facebook Ads have micro-segmentation characteristics to define the type of audience any brand intends to reach, thus allowing them to promote their expansion more efficiently and design campaigns that are attractive to the audiences that target them. company has determined as a goal.

According to statistics, the average daily use of Facebook per person varies between 1 to 2 hours between the three main Facebook applications (Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and the main app).
Facebook allows you to create a sales campaign with an audience by age, gender, and location in mind and that these appeared among the users that you specify in your parameters. One of Facebook’s most valuable tools is Audience Insights, and it allows you to know, analyze and expand your real audience on the social network.

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  1. Facebook Ads are very cheap

One of the main advantages of Facebook Ads compared to its competition is that an advertising campaign on this platform will be very cheap. You will only need to invest what you need since the minimum amount for each campaign is relatively low.

  1. Powerful

As we have already mentioned, Facebook is a social network with a huge audience. That is why the scope it has is enormous.

  1. Integration

With Facebook Ads, you can publish your ads on the company’s different platforms, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network, which significantly increases the number of users you can reach.

  1. You can customize and segment your campaigns

With the tools that Facebook uses, you will be able to customize and segment each of the advertising campaigns you create.

All these tools will ensure that your advertising reaches the type of user you want. This is fundamental and one of the main reasons you should use Facebook for your advertising campaigns.

For example, if your advertising is aimed at an audience that likes sports, it will only reach those who have shown interest in this topic.

  1. Little aggressive ads

Something that users appreciate is that Facebook advertising is moderate and engaging. Despite advertising being displayed in the feed, users do not get upset or complain as it is very subtle but effective. This is something in which Facebook has known how to stand out and that both advertisers and users appreciate.

  1. Remarketing

Facebook allows you to configure remarketing in your advertising campaigns.

Advertising on Facebook is a way to increase your company’s reach on the social network and generate more business with a highly customizable and controllable investment. This means you only invest as much as possible and as much as you want.

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