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Importance of Facebook: Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a sales channel that has been working since 2016 but whose relevance became important after COVID-19, generating better sales rates for businesses and even physical stores that are betting on this online market.

Selling online offers many benefits, you can do it every time and every day. Currently, there are several options to do so.  One of the advantages of the marketplace is that you will not have to worry about making an initial investment since you will not have to manage anything on the platform directly. Those in charge are the ones who will take care of integrating the payment solutions and the infrastructure will be guaranteed.

In addition, the traffic will be guaranteed since the marketplace is the one that will invest to attract users to the site. Likewise, they oversee keeping your competition under control, and the learning curve to manage your place to sell will be less.

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The Facebook Marketplace platform is friendly to use. You can have direct seller-buyer contact through Facebook messenger. This benefits buyers as they get faster and more personalized responses.  Reach is essential in every aspect of our advertising, when a product can reach many places, the probability of buying it is greater. With Facebook Marketplace you do not have to make an initial investment, which is a very big advantage.

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Having your brand on different platforms helps its reach to be optimal.

Advertising on Facebook is another important benefit, it has no minimum amount and can be adapted to the needs of customers. With a good marketing strategy, Facebook can become your main ally by offering you: Marketplace to manage your sales, advertising to promote them, and a level of reach for your brand that is much greater than any current platform.

Something that must be considered in each advertising strategy that you propose is the reputation that it can give your business. Having a scoring system helps to visualize your brand. Reviews on Facebook like those on Google will help to better rank your company.


  1. CREATE EVENTS: Another advantage when you have for your business on Facebook is that you can create events, which can be discovered by other people and can attend them.
  2. SEARCH FOR STAFF: If you are looking for people who want to work with you, you can post the vacancy on Facebook, create an ad with the job description and the views will be greater.
  3. PUBLISH OFFERS: You can easily create advertising campaigns and monitor their reach and results.
  4. GENERATE TRAFFIC: With Facebook, you can generate traffic to your website by linking the content of social networks and your website so that they are connected and synchronized. From Facebook, you can increase the number of visits to your company’s website. When deciding to offer your products through Facebook Marketplace, one of the best advantages you will find is the acquisition of a greater number of customers and obtaining better exposure.

If you want to put your business on Facebook, you can contact us.

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