Geofencing marketing

Geofencing is a process of geographic location within a coordinate system. In simpler terms, it is locating an address on a digital map, associating the point with the coordinate and some sociodemographic data such as stratum, neighborhood, and locality, among others. This information can become a crucial piece for retailers and the creation of strategies to increase their customers and devise loyalty programs. Using geofencing in a company as a marketing strategy can offer content filtered according to the place of residence for a better user experience.

When choosing a product or service, the geographic location and the brands with which users interact are fundamental variants; therefore, a company should remember geolocation in digital marketing strategies; this allows knowing the location of potential customers so that, on the one hand, they find the brand in their area and, on the other, the companies offer perfected based on the preferences of their target, giving rise to great opportunities. of positioning.


These are some of the benefits you will get by integrating geofencing into your organization:


  • Customer-oriented advertising strategies:

Geofencing drives creating of more effective, affordable, personalized content and advertising, transforming the consumer experience.

  • Construction of a buyer persona in real-time:

Understanding customers is the basis for developing any marketing strategy or optimization of internal management, which is why IP addresses and applications are analyzed from this technology, producing information that will help to know where it is, where the audience is, and what it needs.

 3. Segmentation of the public:

This tool processes customer information 24/7 to find out what categories of websites they visit, how long they spend on them, how often, and what information interests them, all to increase sales.

  •  Optimization of merchandise delivery routes:

Delivery times are reduced by making valuable traffic and weather information available.

An excellent example of applying this technique is when visiting a website with multiple languages; We are shown the language version of the country where we reside at the time of entering the page. The same goes for the established ads and even the specific offers and promotions for each country, which we can see, depending on our location.

The continuous advance of technology and the creation of new solutions applied to the different environments of life has led to the incorporation of unknown variables in marketing strategies, as is the case of geographical reference. When we combine marketing and geography, it allows us to take a strategic look at customers, markets, and the sales force.

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