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How do google reviews impact my SEO?


A review is an opinion that a person has of a business, and it is manifested in a comment that can be made on many platforms: Google My Business listing, Google maps, on social networks. Reviews represent a great opportunity to boost your business and local SEO, following the formula: More Stars = More Clicks = More SEO.

One of the biggest mistakes when thinking about an SEO strategy is to ignore customer feedback. The most effective way to validate your business is with the opinion of others, but it can also be a double-edged sword since if you give a bad service, the comment will affect the decision of potential customers.


According to statistics in this 2022 more than 90% of people have used Google My Business to search for a local business, thus making Google the number 1 Platform in terms of the search for reviews. You can review all the information in the  Guide GMB to learn more about this. With this information, we can highlight that every time the importance of your business in Google becomes greater. So, we must make some considerations so that your profile is more optimal in Google reviews:

  1. Have more customer reviews

The most common strategy to obtain customer reviews is email marketing or SMS marketing, which consists of sending a message to your customer’s email or number with the link to your GMB profile and asking them to put a review. Before sending these messages, you must make sure that the client has received optimal service and that they are at an optimal time to carry out a good review.

  1. Answer all reviews whether positive or negative

It is very important to have feedback with the client after they place a review on your profile, if the review is good, they should be thanked and invited to continue using your services. If the review is bad, an explanation should be given with great respect to the customer, apologize for the situation and thank the review in order to improve the service.

A client with a negative opinion is not an enemy, which is why it is very important to show them that we understand their situation, we take note of what happened and that we are trying to solve the problem so that it does not happen again.

  1. Highlight the reviews on the website

On our company’s website it is a good practice to reserve a section for customer opinions, so that anyone who reviews our website can view them and generate confidence and security. The opinions should not be only from Google My Business, they can be placed from various platforms such as Facebook and Bing.

  1. Don’t fake reviews

Credibility is essential to generate engagement and build relationships based on trust. Generally, when comments are false, they are easy to notice and what they do is give your company a bad image. It’s better to employ strategies to get customer feedback than to resort to faking one.

In addition to having a direct impact on reputation, Google reviews have an impact on Google local search. Much of the entire Google search algorithm is based on review signals. And you, do you have your Google my Business tab managed? We help you boost your business through the reviews you receive on Google and be the first option for your potential customers.

If you don’t know where to start, contact us and we will guide you.


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