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The importance of consistency in social media marketing

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What is consistency? Consistency is not giving up on a goal but creating an action plan that allows you to follow it and achieve what you want. It is the most important key in every project.

One of the essential points in digital marketing is consistency in publications, promotion, and customer interaction. Organizations constantly seek to spread their image through actions that explore the elements of the business, and consistency in this is essential.


Building an easily recognizable image depends on this consistency. If you want to maintain the positioning of a brand, you must be aware of trends and changes in the market to integrate them into the marketing campaign to the extent that they fit with the purpose of the brand and strategy.

There is a lot of competition on social networks, and you must post very often. As an advice, you should plan the content you want to upload to social networks. Quality is better than quantity, so it is not that you should publish to the point of saturating clients; it is published based on a plan and strategy. Generating less content that will be of great value to your community is better.

How to apply constancy without saturating the user?


1) Update your company’s social profiles: Doing this at least once a day is recommended. Posts should be done with planning, not that the first thing that comes to mind will be published.

 For publications, we need to create a strategy where the competition is studied, the audience target, what content is liked by clients or future clients, and which social network is the ideal one.

2) Have a posting schedule: Posts should be made at ideal times when most of your followers are online.

The interaction time on social networks can be viewed on platforms such as Facebook Insight and Google Plus.

When you have the content and schedule planned, you can also use tools for automatic posting on social networks, such as Agorapulse – Calendar.

3) Take care of the image that your brand projects: What you communicate on social networks stays there. Sometimes you can delete it, but you will always have a history in the mind of the person who read the content. Therefore, take care of your tone and the image you project. The content must be aligned with your brand’s purpose and being consistent in what you publish is essential. If your brand is faithful to its values, ​​you will not have problems.


4) Always attend to the requirements or queries of the clients: It is essential to answer the doubts and clarify issues for your client about the use of a particular product, where they can buy it, where they can contract your services, and a long, etc.

Engagement generates brand commitment. If your company shows constancy, the client will behave the same way.

5) Make blogs: An excellent way to stay active and with valuable information in your social networks is with the continuous publication of blogs. Publishing topics of interest to your users will increase engagement with them.

A digital strategy is needed to coordinate, link efforts and reach the objectives set by talking with the target audience while listening to what they have to tell you. It is a process that takes time, effort, and perseverance. On this path, it is essential to understand some aspects that are not minor to avoid disappointment: The results are not immediate.

Constancy enhances engagement with the audience and your brand. If commitment and frequency are shown, the consumer will do the same.


How do you carry out the management of your networks? Are you from the constancy team or more on the side of spontaneity?


If you have difficulties, you can contact us; we are experts in social media management. We help you take your brand to the next level!

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