Why is branding important?


First, what is branding? Branding is the process of building a brand; it is the assembly of elements that give value to the company and are known by the audience through its corporate identity, ideas, and purpose.

There are different types of branding: corporative, personal, digital, social, etc. In this case, we want to discuss combining corporative and digital branding.

Corporative branding includes all facets of the company, such as the products or services, visual identity, sale and distribution, web presence, human resources, advertising, and all kinds of communication or contact with the company. It is the best-known type of branding.


Digital branding is all the actions a company performs to have a presence of its brand in digital media. The main objective is for the brand to connect with the audience; it is not very different from traditional branding; it is simply an adaptation to the virtual world.



When we are creating the brand for a company, certain fundamental elements for our image must be considered, which are:

visual elements

Name: The name is the essential part; it is the words with which other people can identify you, the words with which they can remember you. The words you choose for that must have meaning and be unique.
Logo: It is the symbol that represents your company or brand.
Colors: Colors influence how people perceive a brand, so they need to be chosen wisely.
Typography: It is crucial since it influences the first impression of consumers, it is a visual element, and it gives character, style, and personality to the brand.
Slogan: A slogan is a phrase that summarizes the fundamental purpose or value proposition of a brand.

commercial elements

• Purpose: It is what makes the brand relevant and necessary for its consumers
• Brand Personality: The shape, smell, taste, texture, and all the characteristics that can only do with a particular product are branding elements that brands use to create a satisfactory experience.
• Reputation: Reputation is crucial since it refers to how consumers perceive your brand


Digital branding in business

Branding aims to create the brand’s identity, which will be adopted by all who find in it the values they share.

Years ago, individuals or companies used to reach the public through radio, television, and newspapers. Still, the brand’s owner needed help to control who would see the advertising and the metrics it managed to achieve.

With the appearance of the internet and social networks, brands can create digital branding campaigns with more freedom, personalizing messages and choosing the best way to reach their audience (social networks). When we are creating a branding strategy, many elements are continuously involved, which are:

  1. Determine your audience.
  2. Business purpose.
  3. Choose the appropriate communication channels.
  4. Consistency and patience.

A business without branding does not exist. We are in the digital era, and currently, all companies are managed based on their physical and digital consolidation.

The branding is not limited to the product; the entire company must be sold to the customer through proper conduct. There must also be congruence between the values promoted and the behavior of a brand’s directors and main characters.

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